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Brazil Silicon Valley Meet

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A unique educational experience for international executives to visit leading Silicon Valley companies,  startup accelerators, network with other entrepreneurs and pitch to early stage investors.

With the constant increase of the speed of change, innovation and entrepreneurship have become the main thrusts for economic development and competitiveness. The future of organizations lies essentially in their ability to stimulate and promote, inwards and outwards, the continuous drive for improvement. The Brazil Silicon Valley Meet’s main objective is to accelerate the understanding and experiences of innovation and entrepreneurship,
leveraging the most successful ecosystem in the world, where it converges the 4 main pillars of Innovation, Investments, Technology and The Collaborative Spirit. During 7 days, an intense program is entirely guided to provide a deep immersion experience of the 4 pillars, with the purpose of providing valuable insights and lighting the spark for the participants to ultimately attain greater competitiveness and attend to their respective business challenges.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

Steve Jobs


March 2015 Edition (Ibmec)



Christian Cavalheiro, CIO of GetNet

Flavio Gonzalez, Head of Innovation of GetNet

Jose Renato Hopf, Founder of GetNet

September 2014 Edition (TechCrunch)

Hugo Carvalho – Ploog

Marcelo Melo – Zoony

Tulio Severo – Gávea Angels

Newton Duarte – ASSESPRO

Raphael Ozawa – HE:mobile

Eduardo Rodrigues – BemDireto

Ronaldo Cruz – Oktagon

José Finocchio – Takt

May 2014 Edition

Fernando Suzuki – CEO, BiciPontos

Adriana Suzuki – CCO, BiciPontos

Bruno Silva – CFO, Beauty Date

Marco Aurélio – CEO, Go2Web

May 2014 Edition (FIERGS)

marco kappel “Our impressions were very positive with this mission in Silicon Valley. The support of Outsource Brazil was sensational. We had a very detailed itinerary, meeting accelerators, research institutions, companies, universities, an overall comprehensive set. All entrepreneurs were very assertive about what they might take from here and what they can change in their businesses or in their strategies for growth in coming years.”

Marco Kappel Ribeiro – Technical Director, Sebrae-RGS

fernando karl “I came here to seek new knowledge of how The Valley works and how the speed of things is going and how it affects our competitiveness. This mission provided everything I expected and then some.”

Fernando Karl – CEO of Defend IT

Mauro José Souza – Co-founder, eTrust

Marco Kappel Ribeiro – Technical Director, SEBRAE RS

Fabio Santini – Director, NetEye

Ricardo Coelho – Founder, Proelo

Adriano Leal – CTO, DoneTI

Christiano Felipetti – CEO, W3

Carlos Eduardo Aranha – Coordenador na UNITECH/Unisinos TechPark

Thiarley Macedo – CEO, Enttry

Fernando Karl – Co-founder, Defenda

April 2014 Edition

guilherme cerqueira

“It was a great surprise! I found that in reality do not need to think outside the box, but need to think global.”

Guilherme Cerqueira – CEO of Quest Manager

marcio lacs “You can not work in technology without knowing the motion of Silicon Valley. This is the message that goes to all the companies of information technology in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil.”

Marcio Lacs – President of Assespro – RJ

tande vieira

“It was an amazing week. It was a unique experience for everyone who attended. The most important was meeting people and companies relevant to our projects and goals.”

Tande Vieira – Secretary of Science and Technology, Government of Rio de Janeiro

alencar berwanger

“There is one word that defines well our week here: TRANSFORMING. During this week we can live, breathe, know that this is reality here. It’s an experience that you can not live without being here.”

Alencar Berwanger – CMO of Senior Sistemas

Tande Vieira – Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation (RJ)

Alencar Berwanger, CMO, Senior Sistemas

Fernando Menezes – Director, Delphos/President, TI Angels

Guilherme Cerqueira – CEO, Questmanager

Marcio Lacs – President, ASSESPRO-RJ/President, AMT

February 2014 Edition


“Thank you very much for everything on the trip. The experience I had here will make all the difference in my planning. Thank you for understanding my needs and knowing in a very objective manner how to adjust the trip for them.”

Ivan Gonçalves – Innovation Manager at Positivo


“It was incredible and extremely informative. I now know how my company can be successful here!”

Harvey Doane – International Business Development Executive – NSBI


Outsource Brazil

Outsource Brazil has focused in Internationalization and Acceleration of IT Companies and IT Startups, with a special connection between Brazil and Silicon Valley, for the past 20 years. Entrepreneurship and developing businesses has always been our passion. Consolidated and startup companies. Throughout the years we have gained valuable experience in helping projects, startups and businesses mature and gain market success.


Outsource Brazil is pleased to present Brazil SV Meet – Corporate Fast Track USA in Silicon Valley, California for Brazilian Businessmen & Entrepreneurs. This Program is a unique experience for international executives to visit leading Silicon Valley companies, startup accelerators, networking with other entrepreneurs and pitch to early stage investors. It includes visiting Stanford Research International, Stanford Rock Center for Governance Excellence, Singularity University, Tie Silicon Valley, Google, Evernote, Microsoft, IDEO, Sales Force and other relevant entrepreneurial institutions and startup companies. Please join us and check our calendar.

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SOFTSTUL 2015 Agenda

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Program Details

In order to build a program that meets individual needs as well as offers a collective experience, an individual briefing will be held with each participant. During the briefing, we will identify the main takeaways that will best contribute to the participant’s immediate business challenges.

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2016 Calendar


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Silicon Valley

April 3 – 9.

May 02 – 08: In partnership with Assespro!

July 17 – 23: In partnership with IBMEC!

September 19 – 24: In partnership with TechCrunch!

October 24 – 31.

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